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© 2016 Coastal Carolina Feral Cats TNR & Rescue

is a non-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. 

All rights reserved. 


Welcome to,

Coastal Carolina Feral Cats TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) 

& Rescue website ~


   We are so grateful

for your visit, and we hope

that we have inspired you in some way, to help save cats. 



First thing we want to make clear~ 

       As this is very important to us and to anyone that adopts from us at any time~ you need to know that Coastal Carolina Feral Cat TNR & Rescue does not and will never say looking for a “FOREVER HOME” / “FUREVER HOME” for any of our adoptable cats, as we completely understand changes do happen in people’s lives, where they can no longer care for their adopted cat(s). Be it, you may be moving, divorce, allergies, financial or a loved one/family member has passed or any other reason, it doesn’t matter ~ as-long as the cat comes back to us.


 So, any cat that is adopted through us, MUST BE RETURNED BACK TO US - if and when, you can no longer care for the cat. (That is why all cats/kittens adopted   through us, will remain micro-chipped under our rescue's name.)  You will find more information on this and the legal binding(s) of our Adoption Agreement Contract in our Adoption Agreement Contract Forms and on the Adoption page of our website. 



          We do this, so none of our cats end up in the wrong hands and or at the shelter, were chances are they will not be adopted. Only 1 out of 10 cats gets a home ~ cats and kittens no matter how cute and friendly or nice they are, they all are killed at our local animal shelters/humane societies nation wide.


          We are a non-paid group of volunteers, dedicated to the reduction of our overpopulated cats within our community through sterilization, the improvement of our community cats’ quality of life and betterment of human – cat relations.  We will continue to educate our community about humane colony management and will provide a Trap-Neuter-Return monitor program for free roaming, homeless and feral cat colony caretakers.  With the recent addition of our 501c3, we hope to continue our efforts through grants and generous donations from our local community. 



We are not only educating our local community leaders and residents on implementing our established TNR program, we are going global with educating folks about Spay/Neuter and TNR. Trap-Neuter-Return is the most humane, effective, financially sustainable strategy for reducing over growing free roaming cat population and the only proven humane, effective method to manage feral cat colonies. 



        Coastal Carolina Feral Cats TNR (Trap-Neuter- Return) and Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit NO- KILL TNR & Rescue organization that was 

created to help save the lives of the feral, free roaming homeless cat population of our Coastal North Carolina. We also work with our local kill shelter to pull feral cats and domesticated cats from there facility.

          Our main mission is to stop the over growing community/feral cat population for all of

Carteret County, NC.

          Coastal Carolina Feral Cats TNR and Rescue also has cats and kittens up for adoption. Our cats have been rehabilitated from having lived homeless on the streets. Some may be very friendly while others will need very special homes, adopters will need to understand it will take some time, some "TLC" for the cat to come around. Now in some cases the cat may never come around and may not be ~ meant for a home, so that is where our BARN YARD CATS come in to play. Yes, we have a BARN YARD CAT PROGRAM for folks that may want an outdoor cat, perhaps for their farm/barn area. 

          Our rescue also allows for “some public domesticated in-take” of felines as an alternative to our local kill shelter.  Yes, the Carteret Humane Society is unfortunately a kill shelter so that is why we also pull cats and kittens from there.

        Our organization has many wonderful programs to help our community cats and to educate people about the importance of Spay/Neuter, Trap-Neuter-Return and this allows for betterment of human – cat relations. Be sure to check out our programs under “Our Services”, through the “About Us” tab in the navigation bar at the top of our website.

        Coastal Carolina Feral Cats TNR & Rescue wants you to be educated about cats and TNR because when you are educated, you have knowledge and power to help others understand the importance of issues such as, cat over population, Spay-Neuter and Trap-Neuter-Return.

        Our Coastal Carolina Feral Cat TNR & Rescue organization is honored to save our community cats/educate people (hope to inspire you to save cats with-in your own community) and we are so grateful for all the love & support our community has for our cause.

 Thank you for everything~ C.C.F.C.

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