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Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
For Carteret County Residents


Coastal Carolina Feral Cats TNR & Rescue was awarded a grant from the Brandt Animal Care Fund recently and is now having a Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for Carteret County residents of low-income households for the year of 2018. Please contact the CCFC for paperwork/appointment.




TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return)  - For cats such a feral, stray/homeless community cats -  they will be trapped, sterilized, vaccinated, ear-tipped and in some cases micro-chipped. 

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) Classes  - Classes will be held at special locations and will be listed under the "Events" tab. 

TNR & SPAY/NEUTER Educational Awareness Program -  This program (one hour or so classroom teachings) is for grade school K-12. Our organization thinks it's very important that our young citizens understand the importance of TNR and Spaying/Neutering for our community cats and pets as well.

Colony/Cat Relocation - (which we do not recommend, as most cats do not like change and they will just leave the new area more then likely - we relocate as a late resort) Trapping cats and relocating them to a safer environment.

Cat Barn Yard Adoption Program - Adoption for cats that can't live inside a home, but can live on a farm/outdoors, as they may be a "friendly" feral. You can pet them, you just can't really pick them up and handle them.

Adoption -  (It's rare when we have cats/kitten up for adoption - as our main focus is TNR, but sometime we do find neonatal kitten or very toddler-aged kittens) Most of our cats and kittens that we have up for adoption, where born in colonies or on the streets, some where born in foster homes ~ because there mother was a pregnant community cat. Also, we rescue cats/kittens from our local shelter when we have funds, space and/or fosters. 

"Re" In-Take Of Your Adopted Cat-  (YOU SIGNED AN AGREEMENT WITH US - IF CONTRACT IS BROKEN, WE WILL BE TAKING YOU TO COURT ON BREECH OF CONTRACT AND ENDANGERMENT OF THE ADOPTED CAT/KITTEN) All cats adopted through us, are required to come back/returned to us once you can no-longer care for the cat, for any reason. You are not to re-home/sell the cat yourself nor allowed to take the cat to another rescue or shelter of any kind. ALL CATS ARE REQUIRED TO BE RETURNED TO US ONCE YOU CAN NO-LONGER CARE FOR THE CAT.

Public In-Take -  (It's rare that we do Public In-Take, as we don't really have many adoptions, as our main focus is TNR for all community cats in Carteret County NC) We do offer public in-take on rare occasions, of cat and kittens, when we have space, funds and or fosters.

Lost Your Cat - Contact us right away, we can help you find your cat.

Low Cost Spay Neuter - Low cost S/N for lower income families - cost is $65.00 for male or female.

Pet Sitting (Short Term) - Pet sitting for a few weeks or less, while you go on vacation - in you home or with us.

(Payment/fees varies - and payment required ahead of scheduled sitting)

Pet Sitting (Long Term) - Pet sitting while you are on deployment/business, moved or moving over seas or remote locations and you can't take your fur-baby with you, we will be here loving your pet for the next few years or less - until you are back home and are ready to take back your fur-baby.

(Payment/fees varies - and payment required ahead of scheduled sitting)

Senior Citizen Retirement Feline Fun Enrichment Program -  

We have a wonderful program where our volunteers go to senior retirement facilities/homes and bring cuddly kittens/cats with them to brighten up the day for our senior citizens. This allows the seniors to have some out of the ordinary fun ~ the cats/kittens and seniors all benefit from this program. (Not up and running at this time)

- microchipping 

- community & global TNR education - teaching our community & the world about the importance of TNR.

autism - cat enrichment

- cat videos (tips & tricks)

- recycling cans/metals for the cats


Thank you for your patients and understanding we can only do so much, depending on fosters, volunteers, time, space available, funding/donations allows for us to do so. 

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